Saturday, November 16, 2013


As a fresh face to the blog scene, I am so intrigued by the different platforms that have been created for bloggers, allowing us to communicate and get the word out about our blogs. When I first decided to create a blog it was for no commercial gain. No sort of recognition. I was feeling pretty blah, and needed a creative outlet. As I began to build from nothing, I became proud of the work I was creating and wanted to ensure that I was not the only one who got a chance to read it. So, I explored different avenues of getting my blog "out there". I am by no means a super blogger, nor do I think my content would stop anyone in their tracks at this point, but I have high hopes, and I can feel myself growing daily. 

The discoveries I have made in my exploration of blog promoting platforms are a result of some self discovery and some help meeeee discovery, meaning other helpful bloggers pointed me in the right direction. My introduction to Bloglovin' was by no accident. I was told by a fellow blogger, whose blog you should definitely check out {J is for Jord}, of this awesome site that would allow me to explore tons of blogs in one place. I had to check it out! I gave it a few days though. Had to get my blog lookin' sexaaay first. Couldn't just show up lookin' busted, you know what I mean?! In all seriousness though, I've found that Bloglovin'  gives me the opportunity to learn from veteran bloggers, while engaging in conversation with my fellow bloggers to create a name for myself in the blog community. I have also discovered some great blogs that I had heard of, but never got around to reading!

Bloglovin' is becoming one of my favorite places to pass the time on the Internet. In the same way that I immediately became obsessed with Tumblr, I am quickly making Bloglovin' a part of my daily "OMGI'vebeenonhereforanhourwherehasthetimegooooooneeee?!" routine. It really is such a convenient tool! And while I can tell it was certainly created for bloggers, you don't necessarily have to have a blog to enjoy it. I know that I was a blog reader for many moons prior to creating my own. I would consider myself to have been a lurker, because I never took the time to subscribe to my favorite blogs *hangs head in shame*. But I would visit them all at least once or twice a week, promise!. Now though, with Bloglovin', I have a dashboard! I can follow all of my favorite blogs (and bloggers) from one location, and Bloglovin' even sends me a nifty little email telling me about all the interesting posts on my dashboard that I haven't read yet. As you have probably already garnered, I'm becoming mildly obsessed...

My point...hop on over to Bloglovin' and do some exploring! While you're at it, go ahead and click my little Bloglovin' button over there on the right side of this page (little plus sign), and follow me :) and any other blogs you find interesting. I call Bloglovin' my big girl Tumblr (Tumblr, boo, I love you for life don't take offense to this), because it's time we all start mixing a little more reading with all those pictures and memes, dontcha think ;) ?

Happy Saturday! 

I'm planning a yummy meal for Football Sunday that I can't wait to share with you guys!

Cheers <3

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