Thursday, November 14, 2013

Couples in the Kitchen

I have always been a kitchen hog. Once I wrap my mind around preparing a meal I want absolutely 0% of anyone's help and I won't have it any other way. Usually, this is not an issue. I find that people like to be treated and served, and if I am offer to do everything, I don't usually hear much debate on the subject. That is until my loving boyfriend and I decided to co-habitate. I would find the one man in the world who actually WANTS to help me cook dinner (I understand that this is a glaring generalization, sorry guys!). It has been a difficult task to let go of the reigns in the kitchen and give him to freedom to create, help and sometimes take full control over a meal. I have to admit that when I put my anxieties aside, and we tag team in the kitchen, it can be a great couple's activity. A bonding experience. Tonight I really tried to stay quiet and let my man be the star of this meal. He prepared the main course (grilled salmon), and while I did chime in a few times, I think I'm getting better at sharing the chef's hat. I made the side dishes, my quinoa creation (quinoa, black beans, diced shallots and green peppers) and kale. 

Our meal was nutritious for the mind and body. The heart and soul. A true labor of love. I need to let it happen more often.

Here's some quick iPhone shots of our meal in progress (I should probably invest in a real life camera if I am going to continue my blogging journey, huh?)

In action!         
His lovely salmon fillets. 
Quinoa Delight! Not so pretty, but delish!

Short post tonight because Scandal's on! If you're reading this, thank you for keeping up with me and your continued support! Also, if you want the recipe to my random quinoa creation, let me know. It'll give me an excuse to write it down.

My words of wisdom for tonight are: If you want a cheap and easy date night idea, share the kitchen with your loved one! It can be so much fun! It would be even more fun to prepare a full course meal, but I'll save that for a Saturday :).

Cheers <3
It's Friday eve!


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    1. Sure thing! Hmm...

      What You'll Need:
      -veggies of choice
      -minced garlic
      -seasons of choice
      -coconut oil (or olive oil)
      -1 can black beans

      So I start by cooking my quinoa and sautéing my veggies in my wok.

      To cook quinoa:

      Follow directions on package, usually 2 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa

      To sauté veggies:
      I vary my veggies based on supplies. I suggest a freestyle here. I use what's avail in my kitchen. This time green peppers and shallots.

      1-2 tbsp of coconut oil (i prefer the subtle flavor it adds, but you can use olive oil)
      Let oil heat, first add your garlic, then add your veggies get it cooking to where its browned and reduce heat and add black beans (canned and rinsed).

      once your quinoa is done, add to your wok, season to taste (I used Mrs. Dash Original Salt-Free Seasoning, Curry Powder, Black Pepper and Cayenne Pepper) and mix all together! ALL DONE. It's so easy.

      I am a big freestyle cooker, so I need to get better at sharing my recipes. I've had some major flops using the freestyle method, but I have also had some surprising successes, like this one! I've made it a few times now and always satisfying and healthy!