Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Go home Ventra, you're drunk!

**Disclaimer: non-Chicago readers, I'm sorry. This post will mean nothing to you**

"CTA transit cards will continue to be accepted while Ventra fixes issues" 

Reading the above headline in this morning's RedEye was honestly music to my ears, the answer to my prayers, the yin to my get it. I am elated! I was honestly losing sleep over the fact that next Friday was the intended date that the CTA was planning to stop accepting my handy dandy Chicago Card - the one part of Chicago that has never failed me. Literally, the most loyal card that has ever graced my wallet, albeit overpriced (no but, really. It went from $86/month to $100/month in less than a year, and I swear last month they tapped me for $102...why...that $2 is like a half of a coffee from Starbucks!). 

I apologize for the parenthetical rant, but I promise you that I will pay the CTA $102 for the rest of my life if I never have to transition to the Ventra fare system. I never knew the gift I was carrying in my overused Express clutch. I never knew that my days of not having to remove it from said clutch to be granted entry to my train were numbered. I never knew that convenience was, in fact, NOT coming. I know all you Chicago Card users got that email: "Convenience is coming!" OH RLY?! Is it? OR should the subject of that email have read "Convenience is coming if you really enjoy standing in long lines while the person 7 people in front of you taps their Ventra Card to an incessant STOP notice, all the while getting charged each time! Oops, and there goes your train..." OH! Or maybe the title of the email should have been "Watch your back! Convenience is coming!" or just a simple "Convenience is coming...DUN DUN DUN!" 

Okay, Okay. On a serious note, the Ventra transition is an absolute mess. I can see what the CTA and its affiliates were thinking in theory, but it was extremely rushed. I understand that the need to save money is pressing, and Ventra was the CTA's answer to that. Tell me though, what is the CTA without its loyal riders? We wake up every morning and ride your trains despite the overpowering smell of urine. We pay your increasing fare rates. That is LOYALTY. The least you could do is take the time to iron out the wrinkles in your new system before forcing it on us and threatening to take away the system that has been in place for years.

I am glad that the CTA is taking a step back from this Ventra push to really think about what they've done. In the meantime, I'm gonna wine and dine my Chicago Card. I might even buy it a new clutch to rest its weary head in, because I know our days are numbered.

*end rant*

I do have a confession...I think the Ventra Card is pretty. Please don't tell the CTA.

Also, I'd love to hear your Ventra stories - good or bad! Feel free to comment :)

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. I had a girlfriend named Ventra once. She too was a pretty - mess, always took the money but never worked. That's why I switched to Aryn, my CTA. Although her fees seem to go up every year (damn hand bags) I still am a loyal customer. I shutter when I think back about Ventra, gives me the goosey quacks from my mud pocket!

    Love yea V!