Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Skye's The Limit


I probably shouldn't let you guys into my crazy, dog obsessive side yet, but I promised to be candid. So..here it is. There are cat lovers, dog lovers, crazy cat ladies, and me. I am the most dog loving non dog owner there is. BUT, my dad has a dog, and has had a dog since I was a youngster. First there was my sisterdog, Roxie, who went to doggie heaven in Spring 2011 :(, and now there's Skye, better known as Skye Money or Skye Boogie, or whatever name I'm in the mood for. Well, today is her big 0-2! I love to love this pup. She's sweet and sassy and I think you all should have a little taste of her. 


She has brought so much joy to the lives of my family members. Nothing brightens my day like getting a picture of her sent to my phone from miles away. While I know if she had thumbs, she'd be all over blogging because shes just that cool, she doesn't...so I hope she can feel my love from a far.

Okay, one more pic:

Peek a Boo!

I hope her face has made your Tuesday a little brighter! 

Cheers <3

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