Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Spotlight's On!

Happy Sunday! I always say it...Sunday would be my most favorite day of the week if it weren't better known as Monday eve. Ew. What a buzz kill! 

To make our Sundays a little brighter, I will try to occasionally put the spotlight on someone else and focus on something (or many things) I admire about that person. This Sunday I've decided to give some attention to who some may see as the lesser of the Knowles sisters, but I must contest! This Sunday, the spotlight is on Solange Knowles

Solange has grown into quite an artist, but what I love most about her is her personal style, and the risks she takes in setting herself apart from the amazing force that is Beyonce. So, her uniqueness is what I will focus on in this post.

First. Let's talk hair. Ladies, the risks we take with our hair are some of the biggest risks we will take in our lives. As a woman dealing with some hair issues of her own right now, I'll tell you that statement could not be more true. Solange takes some major risks, and weave or no weave, that girl pulls it off effortlessly. It took me years to even figure out how to wear my locks  in their naturally curly state without looking like a mix between Scary Spice and Whoopi Goldberg from "Sister Act" (great movie!) pre nun apparel. Solange, however, seems to have it all figured out, even if the haterz gon' hate:

My Source: effyeahsol-angel
Solange by Marc Baptiste
My Source: Urban Dingolay
But seriously, she pulls off the full afro, the long braids and the short, baby bush. And if you are a fan, I'm sure you remember the phase when she was rockin' mabye a centimeter of hair and still looked flawless. Aside from her hair, the girl dresses her butt off. I seriously want to raid her closet. Like, if I went to jail for an unspeakable crime and they asked me what I wanted for my last meal, I would be like "Ummm, hold the food, boo. Can I just wear Solange's clothes until the end?" Okay I may have taken that one too far, but the thirst is THAT real. Her red carpet looks are some of my favorite looks of hers:

Grammys 2013
My Source: NecoleBitchie
This green dress is by far one of the best pieces of have laid my eyes on. It is so simple and flattering. It's emerald green, which in my opinion isn't always a safe, easy color to wear, especially on the RED carpet. I mean have you ever heard of Christmas. But, Solange pulls this scheme off with ease. It shows her amazing figure and it's a clean balance of sexy and classy. I just want it! 

Met Gala 2012
My Source: Hello Magazine
Yellow. Another great color. And the silhouette of this dress is what (my) dreams are made of. I acknowledge we all have different body types, but the cinched waist with the peplum action is perfect for the girls with the smaller waist but thighs that will absolutely not quit. And let me tell you my thighs are no quitters, they are in it to win it, but that's another post entirely. Peplum is also cute on a more slender build, as well as my curvy gals. This dress is great! Another flattering choice. Just a tall glass of sunshine.

Cannes Film Festival 2013
I mean, this just speaks for itself. The back of this dress is everything.  Before seeing this masterpiece, I would never dream of wearing a dress this color, especially with my (and her) complexion, but I have to say it doesn't even wash her out. She looks like an angel, and I am mesmerized.

So yeah, It's pretty clear that Solange is on my list of style icons. She takes risks, but also doesn't shy away from classic looks. She has a great attitude, and is uniquely herself; something I am still working on perfecting. She's a great mother, sister and artist. She is all of these things, and she's hasn't even hit 30 years young! So, yes, we all know I am a Beyonce fanatic and will always be, but this Sunday it's all about my girl Solange. She deserves a just as much spotlight as Bey. She is a completely different artist, with a different vision and look, and let me tell you honey, it is working!

Who is/are your fashion icon(s)? Talk to me people :)

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