Monday, January 27, 2014

Just another Manic Monday!

Happy Manic Monday, Kiddos! (I have a newly found attraction for that word. It's so fun! Although, I'm pretty sure my dad patented that word in the early 90s)

It seems that Monday creeps up on me each week with no warning. I tell ya, man, I'll be counting down till Friday, enjoying my Saturday morning breakfast, watching my favorite Sunday evening programs (I just laughed out loud at myself for using the word 'programs', so I had to keep it), and then BAM! 6:00AM Monday morning arrives at my bedside with not so much as a tender nudge to ease me into the week. But you know what, It's ok! Monday is just another chance for me to set a goal and bust my butt to reach it. A clean slate, if you will. I am really working on this silver linings approach to my daily routine. I've been getting better at it, but I swear, guys, I am SO hard on myself. This whole take your life into your own hands and make that change thing is wearing a girl out! I am holding on with high hopes that it will all be worth it, but dream chasing is hard work, and that's all I've been doing lately. CHASIN' THEM DREAMS, Y'ALL! 

So, after a weekend of dream chasing mania and running myself ragged, I took a break to try and find my cool again - my chill factor. Thank goodness for the GRAMMYs! I mean, how else does one find their cool? When else is it okay to live tweet 'till your fingers just can't type anymore?!  I forgot how fun Twitter can be when you really engage, and utilize it for all of its hashtagging glory. I was able to chat with some folks that I would have never even touched base with all because of one little tool - #GRAMMYs. BOOM! . 

Okay, before I nerd out too hard on my obsession with the magic that is social media, I want to take a second to share with you my favorite looks of the night. There were actually a lot of people I was impressed with last night. The GRAMMYs are usually always hit or miss. So, the red carpet is just as much a show as the actual live broadcast. 

The WINNERS of 'Nessie's Red Carpet Awards' are (in no particular order)....

*drumroll please*


My Source: Huffington Post

I cannot get enough of Beyonce and her fierceness in this sexy Michael Costello gown. Again, I am drawn to a white dress and while sheer mixed with white mixed with lacey floral magic is usually pretty unforgiving, Beyonce has nothing to forgive. So, it works!


My Source: The Hollywood Gossip
When Giuliana Rancic graced my television screen on the E! Red Carpet, it was love at first sight…between me and her to die for Alex Perry gown. I am obsessed with this shade of orange. Mostly because it is a safe color for my complexion, but also because it's fun and bright. And, I mean, who doesn't want to be fun and bright?!


My Source: She Knows
Aaah, and then there's Tay Tay. I have to admit, I am usually pretty hard on Taylor Swift. I don't know what it is! She's the sweetest thing with the most catchy songs, but I will ALWAYS find something about her I can't quite get behind. Well not last night, folks. Not only was her performance just plain perfect, but this Gucci number is what my New Years Eve dreams are made of. She is the most beautiful disco ball I have ever seen!

(I could never forget my handsome gents)

My Source: Pop Crush
This man is just smooove. Not smooth, but smoooove! You gotta put a little 'v' and extra 'o' action in there to get the real feel. This Gucci made to order tux is everything that is absolutely correct in mens fashion. You can't really tell in this photo, but I'm 99.9% sure its navy. HE PULLED OFF A NAVY TUXEDO! In all seriousness, fellas, this is a classic number and all you have to do is find something that is clean and that fits and you will make. my. day.

Who were your favorites? I am still gushing over these!

Happy Monday! 
Here's to a week filled with stress free dream chasing!


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