Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OHOH Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling!

No, but, guys!

I have had butterflies all week. Like, I am talking anxious tummy galore. This could mean I am anticipating something REALLY awful happening, or something GREAT is on the horizon. I am going to go with the latter. 

Sidenote: I MIGHT abuse caps lock.

Ever since I made the decision about the next step in my life, I have been on cloud nine. It is the weirdest feeling. Having had a year of a bunch of blegh and ugh, it's amazing to finally have a few days of eep! and yay, and nothing has even really happened yet. But it will, oh it will. I refuse to accept otherwise. I find that changing my outlook has really heightened every other experience. I am reveling in the relationships around me, and enjoying every day for what it is. OH! And if you have been following my struggle, MY HAIR IS GROWING. Praise the coconut oil gods and the obscene amount of vitamins I have been ODing on. Seriously though, Coconut Oil, do you need a poster child? You taste good, smell good and now my tresses are looking quite silky. Hit a girl up! It is finally working! Ladies, if you're reading breakage or not, this stuff is great. If you aren't into the slick back look (I really hope you aren't), you can always massage it into your hair, sleep with it in, and wash it out in the morning before you face the world. Can you say soft?! Don't knock it 'till ya try it!

This is the brand I've been using! Grab it at your local Whole Foods.

I don't have much else to say other than I am actually looking forward to what these next few months have in store for me, and through the struggle, I vow to remain positive.

If you're feeling blegh and ugh, I know that there is something you've been wanting to do...DO IT. Take risks (smart ones) while you can. There is no better time.

xo, loves!

Oh, and Happy Hump Day!

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