Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spotlight Sunday: Lupita Nyong'o is a Dream!

If you haven't heard all of the fuss around the force that is Lupita, you must have been asleep for the entirety of the award show season thus far, because girlfriend is KILLING IT. Not only has she been graciously humble in every interview, but she is wowing with her red carpet looks. Lupita girl, who ever your stylist is, when the world realizes you are an unstoppable talent (and they will, oh they will), do not, I repeat, DO NOT get rid of them. You look outstanding. 

My first introduction to Lupita was when I voyaged out to see the 12 Years A Slave, a film each and every individual who is reading this right now should run to see. It is an eye opening piece of art, even for those who have been taught about the subject matter their whole lives. Back to Lupita, though, her performance was phenomenal. It is always so great to see a new comer on the big screen, and it's even better to see a new comer that is actually a force to be reckoned with among all of the a-listers with whom they are competing.

Fast forward a few weeks, and my girl is everywhere! And I am not complaining. She is a new style icon of mine. She proudly owns her natural, short hair do and her beautiful skin tone that I can only imagine feels like velvet to the touch (creepy? don't care). She is everything that society tells is is not beautiful, yet not a soul in the U S of A can deny this young lady's beauty and talent. I am in awe. 

I have to take a moment to share her show stopping looks of the 2014 award show season thus far, and let me just say, I am at the edge of my seat waiting to see how she wows us at the Oscars. Look out, Hollywood. There is a new sheriff in town!

Golden Globes
Source: Quaint and Dandy
Red is always a risky color to wear on the red carpet. You can blend right in. We saw Jennifer Lawrence do it with success, and it doesn't look like Lupita had much trouble stopping the show in this gorgeous Ralph Lauren number.

Critics' Choice
Source: Tom & Lorenzo
I have to admit that while white gowns are some of my favorite, they also strike a bit of terror in me. I'm not sure how the unforgiving color would showcase my lady lumps, but holy ARMS, Lupita. You look amazing in this Calvin Klein cut out (ps. when I saw these dresses I would have never guessed Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. BRAVO!)

SAG Awards
Source: US Weekly
This one is my favorite, that color against her gorgeous skin is AMAZE. The intricate neckline is so beautiful. If this Gucci could magically appear in my closet, I would not be upset. 

Lupita, as a lover of acting, fashion and all around humility and talent, you deserve the all of the praise that you are getting. I hope this is the start of a lasting career. 

OH! And if you ever do decide to get rid of your stylist, let he/she know that I am looking!

Happy Sunday!


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