Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When you know, you know

Happy Tuesday! Stop worrying, I'm still alive after what my friends here in the midwest like to call Chiberia (#Chiberia on Insta will give you some fun results, fyi). Yes...it's as cold as you think. Maybe even colder. As in, Santa ain't not nothin' on what I've been through, shawty. But seriously though, this cold hurts. One fun little freebie from the arctic temps, though, was an unexpected day off yesterday. Getting a sno-errr I mean cold day? is something I'd never thought I'd see post high school. I thought wrong! 

Am I the only one who wishes for snow days and then realizes that it's actually the most boring time? I mean you could eat and drink yourself into a stooper, sure, but I had already used my weekend for that. So what's next on the agenda? Thinking. Laaaaaawd, don't get this girl ta thinkin'! In between watching some really great movies (Watch Paris, Je T'aime if you haven't. It will really ignite that travel bug in you if nothing else), I would slip into deep thought; thoughts about where I am and where I want to be blah blah blah. You know me. I have NO chill.

I think...THINK I have finally made a decision. In an effort to, for lack of a better phrase, "do me" in 2014, I've decided its time for this girl to say 'peace out' to the good ol' midwest. I moved to Chicago in 2012 with high hopes, but sometimes you just know when something isn't right for you. Lately, I've been feeling like you feel when you're in a relationship that you know isn't going anywhere, but you really do like the person, but the chemistry just isn't there anymore or you kinda realize it never was and you should have never committed. A mere friendship would have done the trick! Yeah, thats me and Chicago. It's SO AWESOME, and has so many qualities that I should be in love with...but I'm just not. And believe me when I say I have tried, and tried, and TRIED. I'm just kinda over it. I don't want to be in you anymore, Chi baby. And I'm being honest when I say it's not you, it is most definitely me. You have so many people who love you, and you certainly don't need someone like me who is going to prey on all of your downfalls and insecurities. So, I think it's about time that I bow out.

So, yeah, in short, I've made the choice that when my lease is up, me and Chi baby are through. It has been so real and I'm so done.

On to the next one, on to the next one.

BUT in the mean time, I plan to enjoy Chicago and live it up! This city really does have A LOT to offer, don't get me wrong. All you east coast friends better come visit a girl while you can!

How's that for impromptu ;)?


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