Friday, January 31, 2014

Workin' on my Fitness

But someone please hold me accountable. Accountability, folks. It's just not happening here!

Earlier this week, I participated in a Twitter chat hosted by @Hukkster on fitness trends in 2014. If you're at all interested in the convo, check them out and also look up #FitKit2014. I got some great tips out of it. Most of them I already knew, but it served as a worthy reminder. As I do each winter (I have also touched on this in a previous post), I have fallen off the fitness wagon. The minute the cold weather shows its frigid face, I call it quits. While my goal is to spend at least 4 days a week at the gym, I am oh so lucky if I get there 3 times, and even that is by the skin of my teeth. But hey, it's never too late for a fresh start and being a day shy of a new month, I wanted to dedicate this post to sharing a few things to help me, and hopefully you, stay motivated. A few of these I learned from the lovely tweeters who participated in the #FitKit2014 chat, and some are little gems of my own.

Here goes…

Consistency is key - once you get into a routine, try your darndest not to break it. This is where I go wrong. If I tell my self "Hey self, we're going to the gym Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun this week!", it would be so much easier if I just did that. Breaking the pattern screws with my method, and I end up getting to the gym on Sunday only - if I'm lucky. Be. Consistent.

Look cute! - Through the #FitKit2014 chat that Hukkster hosted, I was introduced to Carbon38 (check them out if you haven't. Really cute gear). They advised me to look good to feel better about working out. This is a tip I've always known, but had somehow forgotten. I never feel more excited for a workout than when I have some fresh new duds to don at the gym. Try it! It's the ultimate motivator.

Get a buddy - Did I mention accountability? Yeah, I may be working on my fitness, but this girl needs a witness. I don't have a buddy currently, but I am confident that if I did, I would see more results.

Set realistic goals! I mean if I said to myself "Self, we're losing 15 lbs by next month!" I would more than likely want to fling myself from something really tall next month when I lost only 5, or God forbid, NOTHING. Don't do it to yourself! Give yourself check points (personal tip: don't focus on the number). I like to say "I will feel better about myself in these pants by next month". The scale makes me anxious. EEK!

Incorporate the fun factor - I am missing this. When I moved from the East Coast to the Midwest, I left behind my mom's AMAZING Body Jam class. If you are in the Baltimore area, get yourself a guest pass to Merritt's DAC (or a membership if you feel so inclined) and take her class (hint: we have the same name). You will dance your butt off, have a blast and be sore as all get out the next morning. I've read you can burn between 500-700 calories in each class. I NEED IT BACK!

And last, and most importantly in my opinion, reward yourself. Remember that fitness is a lifestyle, and like all healthy lifestyles, a fit life is a balanced life. If you are too tired to work out, don't go. There is a difference between accountability and down right killing yourself. Know and acknowledge the difference.

So that's it! Now, I am by no means a fitness guru. These are merely suggestions based on research, experience and care. I am not promising results, but I am promising that you will feel a lot better about yourself if you follow at least on of these.

Let's do this, Kiddos (PS: is that offensive? I don't think you're actually kids. I just love that word.)


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