Friday, April 18, 2014

Back At It Like A Bad Habit

OMG! Where have I been?!

I have been feeling a ridiculous amount of guilt for the neglect I've shown towards my beloved blog. I like to pretend I have millions of readers and to let that amount of people down would be a travesty. But it would also be equally tragic to let down just one person who looks forward to reading my rants! I AM SO SORRY—never wanted to be that person who gets a super amazing job, is too cool for school, gets too busy and just stops blogging. NOPE. This blog was a big part of me going for what I wanted, so it will remain a part of me!

So, let's catch up! Well, I live in NYC now (eeeeeep!) and I couldn't be happier. Like, um, there is a cheesy grin on my face right now because I still can't believe it. I am nearing my 3-week mark as an NY resident, and it is literally all coming up roses. My new job is the perfect balance of challenging and amazing. My current living situation is exactly what I need right now. And the amount of people that DON'T speak to me before 9am is such a treat (Chicago, I know you're friendly, but I'm just not ready to talk before I've had my coffee). Gotta love that East Coast cold shoulder. I knew I was back where I needed to be when I was walking past Port Authority and there was a man with a boom box on his shoulder, a la 1992, screaming a Bruno Mars song at the top of his talentless lungs because he COULD. Ah, I missed the entitlement!

The only thing missing from The Big Apple is my Love—left that handsome sir in Chi city, and I won't lie and say I don't miss him terribly. But I am also confident enough to say (and know that he is so happy that I'm in this happy place) that I would not trade being here for the world, even if it does mean that I'm spending my Friday nights alone in my room with too much wine and popcorn writing to you fine folks (love ya, mean it).

I've really missed writing, and I plan to get back on top of my game. I just wanted to stop in and let you guys know that I'm still here! I really have to utilize my calendar now, and blogging has been added to my schedule. I'll be back soon!


I can't help but smile, guys. :)
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