Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back at It Like a Bad Habit - Part Deux

Well hello there to the 2.5 of you who I'm sure have been waiting with bated breath for me to return to the world of blogging and write all those entires I promised you back in, errr, uhhh *mumbles* April of 2014—long time, no write! How're ya guys doing? Oh me? I just casually moved back to Chicago. You know... that city I said wasn't for me, picked up everything and jetted to NYC from? Yeah - well I totally missed it and I'm in the Windy City full time. Again. Yes. Now I'm sure you're wondering, "Well, what does that mean for that job you loved so much at Birchbox, that you were willing to stop, drop, and roll your entire life halfway across the country for it?" Well, that's a GREAT question. So, in this re-introduction to me, I'll focus on that. Bear with me, this will most definitely run long.

Birchbox was (and still is - I'll get to this, I promise) a whirlwind. I have never worked so hard and learned so much in my *almost* 26 years of life (birthday's next week!). I moved to New York with a freelance social media gig under my belt, and a curiosity for the beauty industry that had not yet been quenched. And in August I left Manhattan as a seasoned social media expert with over a year and a half of additional social media experience—which in Birchbox years has to equal *at least* 5 years, if not a decade. I like to think Birchbox and dog years are the same. We work at an accelerated speed to bring surprise and delight to everyone our product touches, and it takes a a certain type of work ethic to keep up. And I'm proud to say I met that challenge each day, and am better for it. 

So I'm sure you're wondering why I then still decided to leave New York City. Well, the best way I can explain it is that while I learned so much, had the most fun I will likely ever have in my life, and met a side of myself I forgot existed, something was missing. And still, I don't really know what that something was. But now that I'm back in Chicago that void is no longer there, so I know I made the right choice—and that feels amazing.

My Birchbox fam was so gracious to keep me on board while I made my transition back to Chi city, so yes I am still working with some of the smartest folks around to bring you a product I still whole heartedly believe in. But I am also opening myself up to the next adventure that I know awaits me here in Chicago. So yeah, here I am, again. Told you I was impromptu ;).

What does all this mean for the future Impromptu Ingenue? Well, now the possibilties are endless. You can imagine after a year and a half as a Manhattanite, my story telling skills are quite refined. And my material has never been better. I'll spend my upcoming posts sharing some exciting projects I've worked on over the past year+, and we'll take it for there. Don't worry - Momma still throws down in the kitchen, so there'll still be a recipe or many. And my foodie-ness is pretty off the chart these days, so restaurant recs galore. Additionally, my beauty product obsession has grown exponentially since the last time we connected, so I'll be sure to share some intel. 

Welcome back to my journey! I hope you're down for the ride.

- @vnesschelle, IIIC (Impromptu Ingenue in Chief)

*plays Kanye's homecoming*